The $1 million Gold Supabase Logo Hackathon Prize Tee

Regular price $1,000,000.00

We know what you are thinking. $1 million dollars for a Supabase t-shirt...? Does it come with an NFT?!

The answer is no. It's a regular T-shirt, but they are EXTREMELY limited and we think they look darn good.

So what to do if you don't have a spare million dollars to spend on a slick limited-edition Supabase Tee?

The answer, get involved in the Supabase hackathon. We will be giving away these limited edition Gold-Supabase Logo T-shirts to hackathon winners.

The hackathon starts on 30.07.21 and the submission deadline is 11:59pm 6th August 2021.

You can learn more here.