Shipping & FAQs


  • Supabase sends all swag from Singapore
  • International worldwide shipping is included in the price of swag. If there are any issues shipping to your destination due to the on-going Covid situation we will issue a refund 
  • The price Supabase pays for shipping depends on your country, the easiest way for us to currently handle this is to charge everyone the same price for swag and we absorb the shipping price differences
  • We batch post swag one day per week. This is currently Tuesday - if your order is placed after Tuesday then we will send your swag on the first possible Tuesday (factoring in public holidays)
  • Shipping is free and is included in the price of swag
  • We currently only have one shipping option which is dispatched via Singpost and can take up to 8 weeks for delivery depending on which country you are based in
  • We have seen swag reach users in the USA, Europe, the UK, and South East Asia pretty fast (3-4 weeks)
  • We really wish we could ship physical swag as fast as we ship code, unfortunately we can't maintain the postal system as well as we maintain our repo
  • This long shipping time is partly due to the on-going Covid situation
  • We can't provide exact shipping times because of the Covid situation
  • We are actively working to find a better shipping solution
  • We currently are unable to provide tracking for any swag purchased through the swag store. We can provide proof of sending and if you do not receive your swag within 6-weeks of your email confirmation then we suggest you contact us using with your order details 


    Q: How do the T-shirts size up?

    A: They fit nicely. If you are between sizes we would suggest that you size up and they are more of a fitted style

    Q: Why is Supabase swag priced this way?

    A: We outline our swag process in our blog here. The short answer is we run our swag process in-house and postage is included within the price you pay              

      Q: Why is Supabase swag frequently out of stock?

      A: We outline our swag process in our blog here. We do limited runs of swag meaning supply is limited. We are working on a way to find how to scale our swag processes

      Q: Where is my swag?

      A: It's probably on its way. If you have waited more than 6 weeks since receiving your email confirmation then please contact us with your details on 

      Q: Cant you just make more Supabase swag?

      A: Swag is not our main business and we are trying to find ways to scale up our swag process whilst ensuring we keep the quality

      Q: Why didn't you build the store using Supabase?

      A: Swag is not our main business and we could launch the store faster using Shopify